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Diamond Diesel and Turbo Service is an authorized Holset Turbocharger Distributor.  We are also a Diesel Fuel Injection shop authorized for all major Diesel Fuel Injection manufacturers.  In the course of business we often pickup  Holset Turbos from companys going out of business, have surplus Holset Turbo  inventory, or get deals from Holset themselves.  The intent of this site is to try and match the turbocharger with the end user that has the application which requires this turbocharger. All Turbochargers listed on this site are genuine Holset Turbochargers.  We do not sell Holset knockoffs.  If there is a rebuilt Turbocharger listed on this site, it is a remanufactered Holset Turbocharger and carries the same warranty as a brand new turbocharger.  We will also be providing the latest in Holset turbocharger news.

We are filtering the turbochargers by the engine manufacturer that the Holset turbocharger was designed to fit on.  Diamond Diesel Service only sells aftermarket replacement turbochargers.  We do NOT do retrofit engines that were not originally turbocharged and we do not sell designs or plans for doing so.

Use the search box above to find the Holset/Cummins Turbo that meets your needs. Search by model number, engine manufacturer, engine model or year. All turbochargers are available for sale.

Diamond Diesel and Turbo Service only deals in original Holset/Cummins Turbos.

Do not get fooled by counterfeit turbochargers. View the video to see the dangers of counterfeit turbocharges.

Check out his beautifully done animation of the internal workings of the HE200VG Holset Turbocharger.

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